Ratne – Prokhid

The wall protecting the graves rises up to one metre in height, Prokhid memorial site, July 2015

On 26 August 1942, approximately 1,300-1,500 Jews from the Ratne ghetto were shot and hastily buried in mass graves in a sand quarry near the village of Prokhid. After the war, there was nothing here to recall the victims. The mass graves were partially damaged by sand extraction. As a result, human remains were scattered […]


Rava-Ruska memorial site, July 2017

The New Jewish Cemetery on the edge of Rava-Ruska was used as a mass grave site during the German occupation. About 2,000 Jews were shot here in front of the cemetery during the ghetto clearance operation in December 1942. Another 1,000 were shot in the ghetto and buried here or in the cemetery. The mass […]


The former mass shooting site and present-day memorial site is in the immediate vicinity of the village, July 2015

On 9 October 1942, about 800 Jews from the Ostrozhets ghetto were shot here on the edge of town. The victims, among whom were the remaining Jews of Torhovytsia, were hastily buried in pits prepared in advance next to the Jewish cemetery. After the war, there was nothing here to recall the Jews. Erosion and […]


The memorial site is in the middle of a field, July 2015

On 15 August 1942, about 500 Jews from the Kysylyn ghetto, including Jewish families from surrounding villages, were shot in a field outside of Kysylyn and hastily buried in a pit prepared in advance. After the war, the mass grave faded into obscurity. Its surface area was used for agricultural purposes and repeatedly ploughed over. […]

Kovel – Bakhiv

Die Massengräber wurden mit wellenförmigen Hügeln unterschiedlicher Höhe geschützt, Juli 2015

This large memorial site recalls the mass shootings of over 8,000 Jews from Kovel in a sand quarry near the village of Bakhiv in June 1942. It protects four mass graves. A wooden fence and a wooden stela erected at this location in the autumn of 1944 disappeared over time. The mass graves, partially destroyed […]