Project activity

Aims and Objectives

Since 2010 the main aim of our project has been to achieve the sustainable protection and dignified memorialisation of mass graves, combined with active historical and educational work. The international project “Protecting Memory” was inspired by the work of the French organisation Yahad — In Unie and launched in 2010 by the American Jewish Committee Berlin. By 2015, five memorial sites dedicated to murdered Jews had been established in western Ukraine. On 1 April 2016 the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe took over the running of the project. Fifteen additional memorial sites to murdered Jews and Roma along with an exhibition in Berdychiv were established between 2016 and 2019, in close cooperation with local and international partners.

The German Federal Foreign Office has been funding the project since 2010, which has enabled us to extend the scope of our work and to provide sustainable protection for the memorial sites established.

With the launch of the project “Connecting Memory” in 2020, our work has entered a new phase. On the basis of the experience gained over the past few years, we intend to create a conceptional and institutional framework to consolidate the objectives of the “Protecting Memory” project and to find long-term solutions to protect and maintain the mass graves. We aim to support and establish links between local initiatives that are involved in protecting mass graves and in researching the local history of the Holocaust. At the request of the Foreign Office, the project is to be extended to include Belarus and parts of the Russian Federation in addition to Ukraine. The project’s main areas of activity are as follows:

Protecting the Mass Graves